We base our design approach on understanding, appreciating, strategising, communicating and creativity focus.

Which lead us to create a 5 step design process. This helps our clients and Aquila Studio work together, guiding in the right creative thinking and solutions, in delivering vision, value and success.


The Challenge
Discover insights
into the challenge

Discovery +

The first step of the design process, covers the start of the project and our journey together.

We start by asking you some questions:

 Background Information

  1. What business are you in?
  2. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  3. What makes your client’s service or product special?
  4. Your Objectives
  5. What are your goals for the project? When is it a success?
  6. Your Target Audience
  7. Who are your customers?
  8. Your Market Position
  9. How is your business position, compared to your competitors?
  10. Your Deliverables
  11. What is the company’s (or brand’s) personality?
  12. Your likes and dislikes
  13. Timeline and Milestones
  14. Your Budget? How much are you willing to invest?

We then look to the world in a fresh way, for new ideas, notice new things for goals, requirements and gather insights for research.


Defining the project
areas that need to be
focused upon

Define +

The second step of the design process, represents the definition stage, in which we make sense of all the possibilities we identified in the Discovery step. The goals now are to develop, what matters? What should be acted on first? Then what is feasible to create a clear creative brief that answers the fundamental design challenge.

Design & Develop - Solutions

Ideation – seeing the
opportunities and
experimentation –
create & build

Design & Develop +

The third area of the design process, marks a period of design and development. Where concepts are created, project plans, mock-ups, prototypes are tested and iterated. This phase of the design process allows trials and errors, that help us together improve and refine the final designs, in problem definition and design brief answering.

Deliver & Deploy

Solutions that work

Deliver & Deploy +

The final steps of the design process is delivering and deploying the resulting project to be finalised, produced and launched.


Ongoing relationship
and future project needs

Debrief +

Review the project design process brief. Survey the project goals. Report feedback to client. Look for ongoing improvements for business growth.